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Due: 4-19-11

The Treadway Tire Company

Globalization of markets demands to organizations being each time more competitive. For that, companies should optimize their production, which means to increase their productivity and cut overall costs. The latter is more complicated because raw materials have a progressive growth in their costs. However, the term increase of productivity must involve human resource as a key point in organizations. In fact, enterprises experience a variety of problems in getting a sustained growth just by not considering this central point relied on human capital, such as Treadway’s Lima Tire Plant underwent mainly with line foremen. This was owing to the job dissatisfaction by the: lack of assertive communication, hostile labor environment, and consequently production failures  from its line foremen by which triggered in high turnover, which was “the tip of the iceberg” for Lima Tire Plant’s crappy system.

When managers have the premise to increase the production in their companies, they mostly paid attention to their economic outcomes, but they do not have into account how they have been produced. For that indubitably, human resources comply a primordial role to do reality it. In this regard and in agreement to the present article, if employees, in particular, line foremen, who have the responsibility to oversight to workforce, do not have a suitable training and communication in whole levels, this will cause a breakdown in the company’s system. Of course, this is prejudicial for any enterprise because alters, delays, and even jeopardizes its production level. Precisely, one of the tasks of any managers should be to promote systematic trainings and maintain a lastly communication with their employees certainly in greater scale with their general supervisors and line supervisors wherein a manager has closer communication with them. In consequence, high turnover is justly due to labor dissatisfaction and frustration of employees, such as describes a line foreman of Lima Tire Plant, who refers that must have “more communication from upper management and training in the labor contract.”

A manager should always seek positive changes in his or her organization. For that, before to begin any action, the manager should have “correct people on the bus” in order to assure the compliance of the entrepreneurial goals. For this purpose, he o she should encourage a formal and informal training to engage workers toward his o her organization. As managers have direct contact with general supervisors and line supervisors, they should be in first line for this training.

In truth, line foremen is extremely important component in oversight issues because through them any manager may take the decision to fix some fault in the process and improve it as well. On the contrary, ‘you’ will expose to them being “between a rock and hard place.” This is because they will be unable to control to their workers by which this is harmful for any company. So that, you as a manager should create a stable and agreeable job environment, which means to have a productive place of work, and to avoid high turnover and worse if this turnover is voluntary, such as occurred at Lima Tire Plant in which this represented 43%. Therefore, ‘you’ should fix your organizational “Crappy System.”


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