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The Dean’s Disease

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Due: 3-31-11

The Dean’s Disease

There is an inseparable linkage between power and leadership in terms of that an individual cannot be a leader without exerting power, which is the engine that drives the ability to influence over persons. However, the exercise of power sometimes is misunderstood and misused as well because managers do abuse of this to take advantage of the circumstances since their labor position. In this instance, there are two scenarios about the exercise of power: positive and negative connotations. The former uses power as a powerful tool for developing a effectiveness leadership, whereas the latter is seen as a “groupthink” style as points out Arthur Bedeian in his article (2002) entitled “The Dean’s Disease: How Darker Side of Power Manifests Itself in the Office of Dean.”

In fact, the influence of leaders in firms is vital because they should influence to their employees to work as teamwork instead of team of players. For that, the energy force from them is substantial to positively influencing in workers for attaining the goals circumscribed into the entrepreneurial vision and mission. In this context, there is a variety of power sorts, such as the power of relationships, the power of information, the power of position, etc., but managers appropriately persuade all of these types of power. Truly, the target from the power holders is positively channelized through empowerment programs wherein employees enhance their job performance. This in effect begins by the employees’ behavior and attitude changes. As a result, enterprises increase their productivity due to the practice of power.  

However, in other scenario, individuals misuse the exercise of power because they focus their efforts in negative context by acting under a “groupthink” style. This property in turn becomes to followers in cerebral paralyzed people because they foster the conformism and religiously accept orders from their hierarchal superior “without neither doubts nor gossips.” In truth, there are many experiences about the darker side of power. This is not only coming from the academic word, but also of public and private organizations. Leaders from the dark side of power in truth have undergone psychological changes but with negative results. They foster and boost an inner circle in the development of their activities; for such, unconditional lackeys, who also are benefited with the wedding cake, surround these “leaders”. In addition, these pseudo leaders defend to “clock and sword” their privileged labor positions everything by the “power hungry,” which certainly becomes a drug for them. These “leaders” are able to destroy any “enemy” that contradicts or critics their archaic and routine management. 

To conclude, the two sides of the exercise of power-positive and negative are evident and still exist. Nevertheless, the negative side, which works under a “group-think” model, should be exterminated by complete in our organizational environment for the vitality of organizations. Changing form negative to a positive power side because managers wherein work trough this model encourage value chains in terms of integrity, honesty, fairness, candor among others.  But, this will be possible when our “Crappy Systems” changes and so do not have “Crappy Deans,” who suffer with the disease of power for maintaining their delusions of grandeur.


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