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Julio said:

     In agreement with Chris Argyris’s article “Teaching Smart People How to Learn” there is a resistance to change our way of thinking in our organizations in terms of learning and deepening our knowledge for being more productive in our activities. In fact, professionals are concerned on maximizing the production in their operations; nevertheless, they leave postponed basic and structural conditions, such as the values based on a progressive and better learning. They are usually satisfied with developing routine work rather than work focused on continuous improvement, which could substantially have a better performance and, consequently, enhance their benefits. However, the learning is also responsibility not only of professionals but also of the CEOs, who should encourage and motivate to their workers as well as themselves by reaching it.
     By the way, the learning should be tied to strategic criteria in which allow to organizations to resign and redirect their goals for having a better performance. This is in the way of feeling, thinking, and doing their activities coherently. In the same way, the traditional human behavior, defensive reasoning, should be overcome by a productive and holistic reasoning, which should, of course, include to all the stakeholders of an organization. Through a frank and open dialogue and work in team would connect better their entrepreneurial goals.
In short, a change of attitude is required in the organizations for being more successful. Regrettably, nowadays, some managers practice the fireman philosophy, which is to put the fire out instead of identifying structural problems, which would allow us giving an effective and real solution to the problems; therefore, we would achieve a better sustainable development in our entire organizations.


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